The company



Quality is our maximum value, and it has been the key differentiating factor from other manufacturers since the very beginning of our company. All our products undergo strict quality controls.

Hermanos Griera, S.L. produces the best paint and artist brushes. The highest quality for our customers, ever.


Innovation and continuous improvement in materials, production processes and machinery help us to reach our goal of highest product quality and customer service.


Hermanos Griera, S.L. is highly customer oriented, meeting their needs. Wework closely with them, with a very direct contact and we take pride in being fast and flexible.

Hermanos Griera, S.L. is a family business manufacturing paint and artist brushes. We have a wide range of products: for the master painter, for the DIY sector and for industrial applications.Founded by the brothers Antonio and Miquel Griera in 1947, Hermanos Griera, S.L. has a leading position in the national market, thanks to the quality of our products, our wide range and our excellent customer service. Our innovative spirit forces us to constantly developing new products and investing in our factory, having always state of the art machinery. We.are proud of our very personal approach to the market, we speak very closely with our customers, trying to meet their needs and offering them the best service.

Our mission is to offer paint and artist brushes of the maximum quality, together with a wide range of decorative tools, so as to offer a complete solution to our customers.

The production processes have been adapted to the latest technology available in the international markets. Although we have state of the art machinery, there are some models that are still hand crafted, since this is the only way to achieve the highest quality.